Construction Accidents According to the United States Department of Labor

The construction industry had more fatalities than any other industry in 2010.  Of course, not all of construction accidents are deadly.  There are approximately 150,000 construction related injuries each year.  These injuries can be long term and life changing.


 At the Law Office of Kevin C. Ferry, LLC, located in New Britain, Connecticut, our construction accident lawyers understand the risks you face every time you step on a job site, and the consequences to you and your family if you are injured.  Whether you are a plumber, electrician, contractor, cabinet maker, framer, roofer, carpenter, painter, crane operator, welder, or any other type of construction worker, you face significant risks every day. We will stand up to the insurance companies and make sure your rights are fully protected.


Our personal injury attorneys have handled a wide range of construction accidents ranging from stair and floor collapses to blasting accidents to improper site management all resulting in serious injuries. This provides us with the experience, knowledge and resources to deal with the complexities of these cases.  We will take the steps necessary to fully investigate, understand, and evaluate your case.     For answers to some of the most common questions, please see our FAQs.  We also have much more detailed information available at our Personal Injury Lawyer Blog and Car Accident Attorney Blog.


Construction Accident Complexities

Cases involving construction site accidents are extremely complex and involve many overlapping subcontractors together with a primary contractor who may be acting as a general contractor or as a construction manager for the site. We have the experience, knowledge, skill and resources to fully evaluate and assess your case.  It is imperative that an analysis of the job site, responsibilities of the contractors’ onsite, and the involvement of the prime or general contractor be performed by a qualified attorney.


This analysis will include review of statutory obligations, if any, violations of Connecticut Building Code or OSHA.   The key to finding a remedy for all the damages a worker suffers in a multiple party job site is to find legal liability in an entity other than the injured party’s employer or the injured party himself. Workers’ compensation will be the exclusive remedy where no third party liability is uncovered. Workers’ compensation benefits and/or disability will likely cover just a fraction of the actual financial losses and none of the losses related to loss of life enjoyment or pain and suffering. As such, you need a seasoned attorney with experience in this area to fully evaluate, assist and pursue your claim against the various parties involved. If you have been injured at a construction site accident, do not hesitate to contact our personal injury attorneys.


Preserving Your Accident Case

It is very important that you preserve any evidence that may be available in your case.  If you are injured due to an accident on a construction site, you should get medical attention immediately. From there you should try to get pictures of the site and the names and contact information for any witnesses.  If you cannot do this because you are in the hospital, ask a family member or friend to do this for you.  Or, if you have hired an attorney we can begin the investigation immediately.     Our office recently handled a case where the foreman on the construction site would not allow our client to take pictures of the scene a few days after the accident.  If this happens, remain calm, ask for a contact at their corporate office and file a complaint.  This is also information you should tell your attorney as it can be very important to proving your case.

Your Rights

If you are injured on the job, as is the case with most construction accidents, you are entitled to certain rights as a worker.  These are set forth by our Worker’s Compensation laws.  Your employer is required by law to maintain Workers’ Compensation Insurance and they have a legal and ethical obligation to compensate you for your injury.  For more information about your rights as a worker, see our Workers’ Compensation Page.


Representative Construction Accident Cases


Construction Site Accident – $1.6 Million Settlement

While working on the second floor of a home our client fell and now suffers permanent paralysis.  

Construction Accident – $210,000.00 Settlement

A plumber and a plumber’s helper were injured when the basement stairs they were walking down collapsed. Case settled on the first day of jury selection. Parties participated in meditation two weeks before trial which helped frame the issues and bring the case to a point where it could be settled soon after.

Construction Accident – $1 Million Settlement

Our client fell through a manhole covered only with cracked plywood.  We brought suit again the construction manager, Dimeo Construction Company, the excavation contractor, Diversified Specialty Services, Inc.  We hired a vocational science expert as well as an engineer specializing in construction site management.     For a full list of our representative cases, please see our Results page.   Resources   OSHA National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health   Our lawyers have represented individuals with injuries ranging from neck and back strains to permanent brain injuries to death.  We handle cases throughout the entire state of Connecticut including Hartford, Waterbury, Middletown, New Britain, New Haven, Bridgeport and the surrounding towns.  Regardless of your injury or where you are located, we will aggressively fight for you. In the pursuit of justice, the Law Office of Kevin C. Ferry, LLC has recovered millions of dollars for our clients through negotiated settlements, binding arbitrations and trials. See our Results page.

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