2016 Holiday Wish from The Law Office Of Kevin C. Ferry, LLC

We wish peace, health and happiness to all. We wish everyone on earth realizes we are all standing in the same room and have to behave well, support each other and seek common ground. We wish that people would stop labeling each other as labels separate us and bring mistrust, animosity and violence. We wish that the people of the USA recognize that we must control our own destiny and protect and preserve our natural resources and environment and not rely on our Government. We wish those who are in Government seek ways to benefit all people and not just certain groups and especially not themselves. We wish everyone can see the value of putting in a little work at self growth and realization. When you find peace within yourself, you help heal the world. We wish every politician who has served two terms introduce legislation for term limits as a first step to rebuild ethics, morality and service in the public service sector. We wish that wherever you are in your life, you awaken and live a live of ease and understand that all of the conditions for happiness exist right now and nothing in the future will ensure that things are better so make the absolute best of today. We wish everyone could appreciate the blessings in front of them, freely offer blessing to those around you and enjoy each and every day as if it were your last. Love, serve and remember God, whoever your God may be. Kevin C. Ferry

My Christmas wish is for peace and happiness to people who are suffering and struggling to find happiness within themselves. I wish people reached out more often to friends, family, or even acquaintances and let them know they’re cared about and thought about. If people understood how much others valued, appreciated, or admired them even for little things that they bring to the world, it would bring more peace and happiness to everyone. Cara Cavallari.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the season to remember the gifts that cannot be bought and offer them to others such as a kind word, a hug or just doing something extra for someone. Emily Saja Cummisky.

For Christmas 2016, I wish for there to be less negativity in the world. If everyone would take at least 5 minutes out of theeir day to meditate and focus on positive energy, their overall well-being would improve a great deal. Leslie Valdes.

My Christmas wish for the world would be that everyone can be accepted for who they are as a person; not by their political affiliation, race or by their sexual orientation. As a Hispanic person has faced racist comments before, I fee that our country has come for and surpassed so many difficulties on so many levels and history should not repeat itself. Love is love is love is love!! Virgen Rodriguez.

My wish is that we all find compassion for each other and learn to treat others with respect, regardless of age, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or political affiliation. This past year has taught me that violence (by terrorists, between public and police and even among politicians) has no place in our world and we need to learn to treat each other fairly, with understanding and compassion. Now, more than ever, we need peace and kindness. Our children deserve it the most. Monique Foley

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