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seeds-of-vandana-shiva The Seeds of Vandana Shiva

A documentary film How did the willful daughter of a Himalayan forest conservator become the world’s most powerful opponent of Monsanto? The Seeds of Vandana Shiva, a feature-length documentary, presents the remarkable life story of the Gandhian eco-activist and agro-ecologist, Vandana Shiva. Visit Website:

Only one candidate is working full time to heal the divide

"All of us know how to approach life with humility. That means extending compassion and kindness to people around us, and particularly to those people who don't agree with us. Love, ultimately, is effort—and to make the effort towards other human beings. And then that way we can begin to bridge the divide that separates humanity." -Robert F Kennedy Junior

americans-protesting Our New Year Wish

The film that assembles forbidden puzzle pieces to reveal the big picture of what's really happening in America and beyond.

declaration-free-speech International Declaration of free speech and debate for discovery of truth

A group of 138 individuals, including journalists, academics, technologists, celebrities, and thought leaders, have signed the Westminster Declaration, urging governments, tech companies, and the public to protect free speech and open discourse. Notable signatories include Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Tim Robbins, Oliver Stone, Glenn Greenwald, Jordan B. Peterson, John Cleese, Richard Dawkins, Jeffrey Sachs, and Steven Pinker. The declaration expresses concern over the increasing international censorship that threatens democratic norms. It condemns labeling protected speech as "misinformation" or "disinformation." Signatories who criticized official COVID-19 counternarratives include Jay Bhattacharya, Martin Kulldorff, Aaron Kheriaty, and Robert Malone. The declaration points out that the misuse of terms like "misinformation" and "disinformation" has led to censorship, suppressing valid discussions on critical topics, undermining representative...

Free and fair elections are the foundation of liberty

WATCH VIDEO The modern primary system of choosing a presidential nominee developed to replace shady backroom deals among party insiders with a transparent, democratic process. Unfortunately, the Democratic National Committee is trying to bring back the days of insider crony politics. But now you can do something about it! Our campaign is circulating a petition link to pressure the DNC into running a fair and free primary election.  We urge you to sign the petition and share it with friends – whether or not you are a Democrat, and whether or not they support Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Why? Because an undemocratic primary is bad for democracy.  Here are some of the things the DNC is doing to rig the primary: The DNC has...

love-and-law Finding the Love in the Law

by Kevin Ferry Obtaining a maximum justice verdict is possible in any case, from soft tissue injury or mental anguish only cases. The result will depend on the vibrational energy created during the trial which points to Love. Yes folks, take it from someone who thought the best trial lawyers were half crazed wolves looking to battle every second. 35 years later when I approach a case, I am feeling my way through the facts, legal principles, the cast of characters involved in the case and the judicial system that provides the opportunity to tell the human story of pain, struggle, and hope. I am trying to touch universal truths that resonate with love and compassion. The court system in...

suing-insurance-companies Suing your insurance carrier

What does it mean to sue your own insurance carrier? We all know in basic terms what it means, namely to bring a lawsuit against your insurance carrier, but what is the significance of it? There is a lot of apprehension surrounding this notion… including “Will my carrier drop me?” “Will they raise my rates?” The bottom line is you pay for insurance each year providing the insurance carrier with hundreds if not often thousands of your own dollars that they hold onto for the “in case” situation. They collect it, saying it is for “your benefit” but then punish you if you want to use it? Doesn’t it make sense to take some of that back? Especially when you...

Semi truck on side of road in CT Trucking Regulations in Connecticut Overview

Trucks Laws in CT - Are truck drivers following the rules? Trucking regulations in Connecticut are rules and requirements specific to the Constitution state that govern the operation of trucks on its roads. These regulations are designed to ensure safety, protect the environment, and maintain the quality of Connecticut's transportation infrastructure. Here are some key points about trucking regulations in Connecticut: Commercial Driver's License (CDL): Similar to the nationwide requirement, truck drivers in Connecticut must obtain a CDL to operate commercial vehicles. This license ensures that drivers have the necessary skills and knowledge to safely drive large trucks. Weight and Size Limits: Connecticut has specific weight and size restrictions for trucks to protect its roads and bridges. These limits determine...

Glyphosate-dangers Human Health Requires Removal of Glyphosate

Glyphosate - Harming humans at the cellular level Video presentation by Dr. Zach Bush Watch as Dr. Bush presents the well known dangers of glyphosate to humans and life on our planet.  At Ferry Law, we have organic gardens at our office to help educate our clients and get them in touch with the soil. Every mass extinction in the history of this planet occurred because the soils were choked out.  Glyphosate is killing our soil and leading us toward extinction.  If you or someone you know has been affected by this deadly poison, contact Ferry Law today.

ferry-law-wellness-retreat-flower-Costa-Rica Ferry Law’s Wellness Coordinator Leads Retreat to Costa Rica

Ferry Law’s own Wellness Coordinator, Leslie Gordon, just returned from Costa Rica where she led participants in a week-long yoga and wellness retreat. In addition to yoga and meditation, the group took part in a variety of excursions including zip-lining, scuba diving and snorkeling, hiking, a horse therapy experience and some relaxing time on the beach bathing in the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The private retreat center also offered massage and other related wellness therapies. Vegetarian and vegan cuisine nurtured body and spirit. Ferry Law is proud to offer a full-time wellness coordinator to help you start or enrich your wellness journey. For more information on wellness options at Ferry Law, contact Leslie at

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