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Glyphosate-dangers Human Health Requires Removal of Glyphosate

Glyphosate - Harming humans at the cellular level Video presentation by Dr. Zach Bush Watch as Dr. Bush presents the well known dangers of glyphosate to humans and life on our planet.  At Ferry Law, we have organic gardens at our office to help educate our clients and get them in touch with the soil. Every mass extinction in the history of this planet occurred because the soils were choked out.  Glyphosate is killing our soil and leading us toward extinction.  If you or someone you know has been affected by this deadly poison, contact Ferry Law today.

ferry-law-wellness-retreat-flower-Costa-Rica Ferry Law’s Wellness Coordinator Leads Retreat to Costa Rica

Ferry Law’s own Wellness Coordinator, Leslie Gordon, just returned from Costa Rica where she led participants in a week-long yoga and wellness retreat. In addition to yoga and meditation, the group took part in a variety of excursions including zip-lining, scuba diving and snorkeling, hiking, a horse therapy experience and some relaxing time on the beach bathing in the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The private retreat center also offered massage and other related wellness therapies. Vegetarian and vegan cuisine nurtured body and spirit. Ferry Law is proud to offer a full-time wellness coordinator to help you start or enrich your wellness journey. For more information on wellness options at Ferry Law, contact Leslie at

Ferry-Law-Lawyer-Group-Best-Attorneys-in-CT Zen Lawyer Workshop

Attorney Sam Martin, Attorney Monique Foley and Attorney Kevin Ferry attended a 4-day workshop at the Buddhist Temple of Toledo. We attended daily 6 a.m. meditation and workshops on sharpening trial skills and centering and calming clients and ourselves. The three teachers were one of America's very best Truck Accident Lawyers, Michael Leizerman; the Temple Abbot, Jay Rinseh Weik Roshi; and author and creative dramatic arts consultant, Joshua Karton. Trial lawyers deepen compassion for all humans This was an experience like no other we have attended for honoring our skills as trial lawyers. The focus of the workshop was compassion for all humans and relieving suffering by bringing maximum justice for our clients. It was a life affirming and career...

CHC-deplatformed Free Speech Provides the Ability To Identify and Arrest Government Atrocities

On Wednesday, Aug. 17, without warning, Facebook informed Children’s Health Defense (CHD) that their page was deplatformed (unpublished). Simultaneously, their Instagram account was deplatformed (suspended). Each of these platforms had hundreds of thousands of followers. Collectively, more than half a million followers have been denied access to truthful information. They received the following notifications from both platforms: Fighting Big Tech + Big Pharma Despite not posting content on Facebook for the past 21 days due to an existing 30-day ban, and constantly self-censoring their content in an attempt to avoid continual shadow-banning and censorship, both pages were abruptly deplatformed. Removing CHD accounts is evidence of a clearly orchestrated attempt to stop the impact they have during a time of heightened criticism...

Why the Jury System is so Important

($2,900.00 to $25,000) and ($20,000.00 to over $2 million) Only a jury has the power to set the price for the value of human life or the things taken from a life of health and happiness. The jury decides how much a human should be paid for the terrible job of being in pain and having our joyful activities taken from us. If the value of human life were set by corporations, who often use computers to evaluate claims, we would all be devalued substantially. A client with musculoskeletal pain following a motor vehicle accident was initially offered $2,900.00 to settle her case. Ferry Law filed suit and the offer was increased to $6,500.00. A year later, the offer went...

ATAA-academy-of-truck-accident-attorneys-logo Ferry Law Joins  American Trucking Attorneys Academy (ATAA)

Attorney Samuel Martin and Kevin Ferry have joined the American Trucking Attorneys Academy, ATAA.  Membership is for those willing to become visionaries and to work at this craft to bring justice to those who have had a dangerous truck take away life or good health.   Truck Accident Litigation Truck Accident Litigation is Ferry Law’s focus and we will win record verdicts by telling our clients stories. Attorney Martin just litigated his first case and won a verdict in excess of 2 millions dollars with the help of the amazing paralegal and legal assistant team. Attorney Ferry cross examined a Johns Hopkins-educated paid, opinion witness hired by the insurance company to belittle our client's severe injuries and exposed that doctor for...

attorney-wim-hof-instructor-ct Attorney Ferry brings Wim Hof Method to Ferry Law

Attorney Ferry has expanded his training for trial work by certifying in a mindfulness program that increases focus and attention and creates clear thinking all while acting as a shield to stress brought on by the conflict inherently involved in pursuing litigation against an opponent.   The WHM is a powerful tool to combat stress and inflammation in the body and brain caused by stress and clients at Ferry Law are exposed to and offered mindfulness teachings as part of Ferry Law’s commitment to help our clients heal faster from their injuries and feel better.

group of monkeys Renowned  Scientist issues Dire Warning about Covid Vaccine in children

by Robert W. Malone MD, MS My wife, Jill used to work at the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park for the research unit called CRES (The Center for Research on Endangered Species) in the late 1980s. She did primary behavior research on mother-infant dyads, both as an intern and later as an employee. In particular, she was involved in behavioral studies involving Lion-tailed macaques, which are an endangered species of monkey from India. The purpose of the research was to find ways to increase the emotional well being of the animals, as some of these monkeys have significant issues breeding in captivity. There was one mother named Polly and her infant daughter Dewa which were particularly interesting. Polly...

Kevin-Ferry-at-mandate-march-DC Open Letter About Democracy and Mindfulness

by Kevin Ferry The powerful entities who control the media are afraid of one thing. People coming together. The Defeat the Mandates protest in D.C. was a coming together that has these folks concerned. The efforts to divide and conquer are so blatant now that even Government is publicly calling for censorship. The acting United States Surgeon General has called for Joe Rogan’s podcast to be censored. Rogan interviews some of the brave doctors and scientist who have been analyzing data and peer reviewed articles from around the world and disseminating the painful failures of government health policies. With 11 million registered to listen to Joe Rogan disseminate scientifically valid information, more than double the numbers watching CNN, the reason...

Kevin-Ferry-at-mandate-march-DC Attorney Ferry Joins “Defeat the Mandates” March

Attorney Ferry was in Washington D.C. this weekend with 30,000 other Americans to speak out against Tyranny.  Over the last two years, mandates of all kinds that shut down our schools, closed businesses, took away the constitutional right to a jury trial, forbade the right to assemble and the right to pray were unconstitutional infringements on Liberty.  Specifically, most of these mandates violate the First Amendment.   Mandates are not laws.   A law is issued after public comment and deliberation and vote by Congress and the Senate. The founding fathers of this country knew that none of the other rights contained in the Bill of Rights meant a thing without the rights given by the First Amendment. “A funny...

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