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Over 13% of all registered vehicles in the US are commercial trucks. Trucks moved over 11 billion tons of freight in 2019 and that number grows year after year. A truck is not like a regular car and the laws that govern the trucking industry are also not the same. 80,000 pounds of force flying down the road can cause unnecessary safety hazards that can lead to catastrophic injuries and death. That is a problem for the people we love and our society as a whole. At Ferry Law, we have taken special focus on developing expertise in trucking litigation because we are concerned that the corporations and drivers involved in this industry are burning the candle at both ends in order to make a few extra bucks and creating unnecessary dangers to other motorists and pedestrians.

With Attorney Ferry’s team, victims can be confident that their representatives have time-tested experience and knowledge in handling trucking crash cases and they will get the results they need to feel honored and respected despite what has been taken away.

Our goal is to create safer roads with fewer deaths and life-changing injuries through advocacy to increase safety regulations, love for our clients and recognition of the suffering that trucking crashes cause.

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