Construction Zone Injury—Settlement- $610,000.00; September 2016

Defendants: Bartlett Brainard Eacott, McPhee Electric, Grub & Ellis Property Management & CRF Flooring, Inc.

Our client was an employee of one of the largest insurance companies in the world in Hartford, Connecticut. He sustained a knee injury and back injury when the raised floor he was walking on caved in on him. Plaintiff alleged that the construction manager, two subcontractors, and property manager listed above all played a role in failing to properly ensure construction site safety.

Various theories of negligence, indirectly providing inadequate trained workmen and proper instruction and supervision were alleged. The case settled after six jurors and two alternates were selected. Of note is that the Judge who assisted the parties to reach settlement ordered Liberty Mutual’s client and the Traveler’s client to appear in court before trial. The judge was ready to put on the record that Liberty Mutual Insurance was not properly protecting its insured’s interests. The case settled as that was about to happen in the courtroom.

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