Earthday 2024 – Hope Hotline!

earthday hope hotline

It’s past sunrise on Earth Day, so you’ve likely been pelted with devastating statistics on climate that have you breaking a sweat and elevated your blood pressure. We’ve learned it’s equally important to hold both the harsh realities of human and planetary health, while holding hope steady in the landscape of an uncertain future. It’s the only way we can move this movement forward.

And with that, we bring you something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Step into the vibes of yesteryear with the Hope Hotline, your direct line to a world of hope and regeneration! Feeling the eco-blues?

CALL 1-888-329-4769 and let our team of hope whisperers lift your spirits with tales of environmental triumphs and regeneration happening everywhere around us.

OR DIAL IN TO SHARE YOUR VISION OF HOPE for a regenerative future where Mother Earth thrives and humanity lives in harmony with nature.

Our hotline is here to spread hope across the land.

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