Finding the Love in the Law


by Kevin Ferry

Obtaining a maximum justice verdict is possible in any case, from soft tissue injury or mental anguish only cases. The result will depend on the vibrational energy created during the trial which points to Love. Yes folks, take it from someone who thought the best trial lawyers were half crazed wolves looking to battle every second. 35 years later when I approach a case, I am feeling my way through the facts, legal principles, the cast of characters involved in the case and the judicial system that provides the opportunity to tell the human story of pain, struggle, and hope. I am trying to touch universal truths that resonate with love and compassion.

The court system in Connecticut, where I try cases, is understaffed, overwhelmed and short on patience. In a recent case involving a 19-year-old passenger of a car driven at a speed of up to 100mph, which slammed into a large shag bark hickory tree and went up in flames, the trial judge told us during jury selection we would be limited to 3 damages witnesses. We had ten ready to surround our client in a blanket of love by pitching in to tell different pieces of her story. It took time and patience to slowly convince The Judge to drop the wall he created. After two days of trial, The Judge recognized we had a “big case” as he described it, and we never heard another word about limiting damages witnesses.

The Defense bar is a step slow and lagging behind in trying to tell its story in a human way that points to love, and we hope to stay just out of their reach as we put things back in balance, one compelling human story of pain, loss, and hope, at a time.