Join Us At the Connecticut Breast Health Intiative’s “Race In the Park”!

Hi, I’m here to invite you down to the Connecticut Breast Health Initiative annual fundraising race in Walnut Hill Park.

Our office is in the park, and we happen to be, I think, an Amethyst sponsor this year. So we’ll have a tent, and we’ll be giving away some t-shirts, Law Office of Kevin Ferry t-shirts, some of our wristbands. And this is a really fun event, so please come down, consider running. Just come down and just cheer the other people on. But it’s a great event, you can register from noon to 6:00 p.m. the day before, which is May 12th. The actual event is the 13th.

And if you’d like to register for one of the events, there’s running, walking, races. You show up at 6:30 the day of the event you can still register. There’s still time for that. So please come on down and support this awesome cause. I think this is our fourth year, and I can’t say enough about the Connecticut Breast Health Initiative. I know a lot of the people involved because I played in a golf tournament they sponsor for I think going on like eight years, and they’re really great people.

So I hope to see you there. Thank you.

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