Mindfulness Practice at FerryLaw

FerryLaw is offering FREE Mindfulness and Relaxatoin Sessions for past and existing clients. 1st Monday of each month, 6 p.m. FerryLaw 77 Lexington Street, New Britain

FREE Mindfulness and Relaxation Sessions

FerryLaw is offering FREE Yoga, Mindfulness, and Relaxation Sessions for past and existing clients via Zoom, 6-7 p.m.

Taught by: Leslie Gordon
Held on first Mondays every month

We want our clients to be healthy, happy and strong—and we’d like to help with ways to deal with stress. 

Watch the video on Ferry Law’s Wellness Program

2020 Schedule:
September 7
October 5
November 2
December 7

You must download the ZOOM app to participate. Download ZOOM here.

Call 833-FerryLaw to request a link or email Leslie@FerryLaw.com to receive the ZOOM meeting link each month.

FerryLaw Wellness

Attorney Ferry provides free wellness sessions!

Every human being deserves the right to good health and happiness.  We are so frazzled and not present that we literally live the Dunkin Donut slogan, America runs on Dunkin.  The corporate and pharma model of being fed a cocktail of chemicals resulting in the gradual but inevitable destruction of your organs and more chemicals to mask the destruction caused by the original chemicals is insanity.  There is no easy way to break the walls of insanity. 

But there is a way.  It starts with learning to know your own body, quieting your mind and trusting that you know what is best for you.  Our mind is very powerful when released from its mooring.  You can create dramatic changes to your chemistry by changing your mindset and changing the way you fuel your mind and body.   

FerryLaw offers a wide array of educational, instructional and motivational resources to start you on a path to a strong, healthy version of you that has been decimated by societal conditioning.   

Every client is provided a one on one wellness session with an experienced and trained person. Law Firms interested in having our wellness team conduct a workshop in your office for your staff are encouraged to contact Attorney Ferry.   We also encourage law firms to seek us out to work with clients who have anxiety or fear of testifying and who are unable to allow the case to develop for the best possible outcome. Every day that you are not happy and healthy is a day wasted.  Let us show you the way to savor every day. 

We are one.   Namaste.  


E.P.I.C. Inner-View with Leslie Gordon and Attorney Kevin Ferry

What do yoga and an attorney have in common? More than you can possibly imagine. In this interview Leslie Gordon explains how everyone really can do yoga, and Kevin Ferry tells how he integrates mindfulness, yoga, and a wellness studio to help his clients and complete his law practice.

Intereview by Samantha Dennision of E.P.I.C: Empowering People Inspiring Communities through Holistic, Spiritual, and Healthy Living http://www.epictricountyct.com

At FerryLaw, we know how important a mindfulness practice is for all of us. Attorney Ferry has been deeply immersed in exploring varied mindfulness practices which have taken him to the Northern California redwoods to meditate and practice various forms of Yoga and to Costa Rica to learn about the art and practice of Kirtan, a devotional form of Yoga. He is an associate Tai Chi Instructor, training with Dr. Ming Wu. We offer monthly massage to our employees, and Kevin teaches mindfulness at office meetings and whenever he can sneak that in. We know our injured and anxious clients can really benefit from a practice that takes them away from the stress and pain that surrounds them after an accident or just from having to deal with the stress of litigation, so we offer one free private yoga session to all our clients to start them on the journey. Yoga can help alleviate pain and stress, and help you feel better! Our skilled and experienced yoga teacher, Leslie Gordon, would love to help you. When you sign up with the FerryLaw team, we can schedule your private session either at the office or in your home.

We care about your case, but we care about the whole you too…body, mind and spirit.

Leslie Gordon, E-RYT-500

Leslie teaches Hatha yoga private sessions and classes with a gentler approach and attention to finding the appropriate version of each pose for YOUR body. She has been teaching for nearly two decades and received both her 200- and 500-hour yoga teacher trainings with Joseph LePage and Integrative Yoga Therapy. She has attended countless trainings and workshops throughout the years. She also has a Bhakti practice and is a Thai Yoga, Reiki and Reflexology practitioner. Read her full bio at https://lesliegordonyoga.com/about-leslie/.