Motorcycle Accident- Confidential Amount; Settlement Pre-Suit; February 2016

A helmeted motorcyclist became pinned with his right leg under an 18-wheeler truck (owned by a major office supply distributor) after the truck made an improper left turn directly in front of the path he was traveling.

When EMS extricated him, they noted that the right leg appeared to be 95% amputated below the knee. He sustained significant injuries including: post traumatic amputation of the right leg secondary to motor cycle accident; fracture L3; fracture right clavicle, first and record ribs; intracranial punctate bleeds times two; and degloving laceration left thigh and left calf.

His injuries required immediate surgery and amputation of the right lower leg. Total losses resulted in over $400,000.00 in medical bills and lost wages. Our office brought claims on behalf of the motorcyclist, his wife for loss of consortium and his three minor children for familial consortium claims based on a recent change in the law allowing loss of consortium to be brought by minor children.

We presented a “Day in the Life” video at a meeting with lawyers and adjusters for the office supply distributor and resolved the case prior to filing suit.

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