Long Silenced Voices Now Heard: Ferry Law helps PTSD victims get compensation for emotional injuries

Kevin Ferry Lawyer and Sam Martin

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD can occur when a person experiences a traumatic event.

It can also occur after a person witnesses a loved one or close friend in serious life-threatening danger. If you have ever been in a collision or experienced emotional trauma, you likely have realized that the fear and anxiety doesn’t always end once the vehicles have come to a stop or you have left the emergency room. Sometimes the circumstances of a collision can even stir up past traumas and cause us to relive them.

This was the very the experience of a recent Ferry Law client whose PTSD symptoms from childhood trauma were retriggered years later after she and a close friend were t-boned in their car on the way to work. Even as the client’s body began to heal, she suffered terrifying nightmares when trying to sleep and intense anxiety when she got behind the wheel again. The emotional trauma carried on into the future and affected many aspects of the client’s life including her ability to work.

At Ferry Law, we understand that the impact of a collision often does not just include physical injuries. It can hurt intimate relationships, our work life, cause us to lose interest in activities we once loved, withdraw into ourselves and cause us emotional pain and suffering. We firmly believe that a plaintiff deserves to be compensated for all injuries, not just the ones that will show up on an X-Ray or that can be treated with physical therapy.

Through Ferry Law’s holistic approach to the legal practice, we build the support system needed to help our clients feel comfortable sharing their traumas and maximize the compensation for their injuries. Lawsuits can also be traumatic events for victims and survivors so we offer free yoga classes to our clients to help them mentally and physically prepare for the stressors of litigation. We are compassionate and empathic advocates committed to creating a safe space for the voices that were once silenced to be heard.

If you or a loved one has experienced an event that you believe has resulted in PTSD symptoms including but not limited to repeated distressing memories, dreams, flashbacks related to a traumatic event, we encourage you to seek the help of treatment professionals. In addition, please contact the attorneys at Ferry Law so that we can secure compensation for your treatment and any other ways your life has been disrupted.