At Your Service

Sam is originally from Portland, Maine.

This Mainer came to Ferry Law by way of family and friends. Sam was immediately impressed with the energy and collaborative focus of the office. He spent the last two and a half years as an intern and then paralegal for Kevin and Monique. He fell in love with Hard Hittin’ New Britain and the people of Connecticut.

Sam is a deeply spiritual person who believes in fostering a strong connection between human beings and the natural world. He meditates, hikes, forages and plays ukulele. He practices deep breathing, reads Thich Nhat Hanh and Ram Dass. He believes the human family has the capacity to raise its collective consciousness by focusing on ending the suffering that occurs everywhere injustice is perpetuated. Sam seeks to use his law license to further these beliefs.

Values and Missions

His law practice is guided by the following purpose of values and mission:

  • The truth will set us free.
  • We all have a right to justice and inner peace.
  • Sometimes we all need a helping hand to get there.

Sam’s mission is to strive to meet people where they are and help them realize their truest form of justice. This is why Sam became a litigator. What we do in this area of law is not simply secure compensation for injured people. That’s one important part of what we do. But through litigation, we also improve the quality of care and force corporations and the government to take safety and human rights seriously for not just the people we represent but also for people in the future so that the same thing won’t happen again. As lawyer and client, we are to seeking a change for the better that we helped force someone to make. For those that have wronged us, money talks, and if it gets too expensive to litigate a case, those who we are fighting eventually do the right thing and protect people and make it right.

The practice of law requires attention to detail, compassion, the ability to make decisions quickly and a steadfast commitment to truth and justice. Sam’s time at Ferry Law has sharpened his skills as an advocate for clients across a number of practice areas including civil rights, environmental law, commercial litigation, personal injury, medical malpractice, and worker’s compensation claims. He constantly seeks to learn and improve, to share what he learns with others, and to fight hard with peace in his heart.


Sam studied International Affairs at the George Washington University’s Elliot School of International Affairs and minored in Chinese Language and Literature. In Law School at the University of Maine, Sam participated in both Admiralty and Religion Law Moot Court. He completed his JD in May of 2021 receiving a certificate in Environmental Law and Policy, then challenged the BAR exam here in Connecticut and passed in September 2021.

Languages: English, 中文


“The practice of law requires attention to detail, compassion… and a steadfast commitment to the truth and every person’s right to justice.”