$210,000.00 Settlement – Tradesmen Injured Due To Stairway Collapse

A plumber and a plumber’s helper were injured when the basement stairs they were walking down collapsed. Case settled on the first day of jury selection. Parties participated in meditation two weeks before trial which helped frame the issues and bring the case to a point where it could be settled soon after.

$1.6 Million Settlement – Construction Site Accident

The Plaintiff fell from the second story of a residence he was helping to construct and now suffers permanent paralysis. OSHA reports showed that there were no industry required railing or safety harnesses at the job site.

$275,000.00 Settlement – Contractor Liability

Elderly man who had let floor refinishing crew into son’s apartment suffers badly burned leg when workmen failed to turn off stove pilot light. Flooring stain ignites causing flash fire resulting in second and third degree burns to leg. No lost wages and all medical bills paid by health insurance.