Surgical Error (Cholecysectomy)

Surgeon dissects common bile duct and fails to diagnose this for several days. Client becomes very sick and requires major surgery to repair the injury. Client is at significant risk of major complications and has a reduced life expectancy because of the Doctor’s negligence. Jury trial – bad guys won.

Hospital Burn

Woman recovering from abdominal surgery at Saint Francis Hospital in Hartford suffered large second degree burns and disfigurement on her belly due to negligent overheating of heating pad, which was left on the patient’s abdomen for eleven hours while she was being given sedatives and pain killers. Case settled at mediation.

Incorrect Use of Chemical

General Practitioner misapplied chemical used to burn away a mole, causes large permanent scar and discoloration. Result: Settled

Surgical Error

Orthopedic surgeon fails to reduce and properly align ankle bones results in three additional surgeries and years of lost income. Case settled after expert depositions.

Surgical Error

Knee operation results in ten inch scar on lower leg due to scalpel being dragged across lower leg. Result: Plaintiff’s Verdict.