3.38 million dollar jury verdict- Middletown, CT

A 60 year-old tenant of a Rocky Hill business part was crushed by an 800 pound garage door resulting in permanent injuries to his foot, shoulder and knee requiring 5 surgeries and likely more in the future.   The defendant, Belamose Business Park, LLC denied any responsibility and initially offered 250,000.00 to settle the case, later raising that figure to 1.25 million while the jury was deliberating.   Belamose hired an orthopedic surgeon with 40 years’ experience to testify that the shoulder and knee injury were not related to the garage door crush injury, an engineer to say the garage door was safe, but who did not testify after we destroyed his analysis in deposition and called a garage door expert at trial to contest the claims.    All of these maneuvers proved futile.    The jury found the Defendant 95% responsible.