Why the Jury System is so Important

($2,900.00 to $25,000) and ($20,000.00 to over $2 million)

Only a jury has the power to set the price for the value of human life or the things taken from a life of health and happiness. The jury decides how much a human should be paid for the terrible job of being in pain and having our joyful activities taken from us. If the value of human life were set by corporations, who often use computers to evaluate claims, we would all be devalued substantially.

A client with musculoskeletal pain following a motor vehicle accident was initially offered $2,900.00 to settle her case. Ferry Law filed suit and the offer was increased to $6,500.00. A year later, the offer went to $10,000.00. When we approached the trial date (inside 90 days) Ferry Law demanded the insurance company question the client in a deposition or the matter would go to trial without regard for the $25,000.00 insurance policy limit carried by the at-fault driver. Once the deposition concluded with the insurance adjuster watching, Ferry Law told the insurance company to pay the $25,000.00 policy or the matter would be put to the jury. The release for $25,000.00 settling the case was delivered the next day. $2900.00 to $25,000.00 because the insurance company knew that a jury would care about the woman’s injuries far more than it did.

A more dramatic account of how corporations dismiss pain and loss of life’s enjoyment is our recent New Britain verdict in Bouazza v. Geico. The Insurance company filed an official offer to settle for $20,000.00. The jury who heard about the women’s pain, anxiety, inability to sleep, loss of ability to pursue her gifts in life decided the value of what had been taken from our client was $2,262,000.00. This is our 3rd verdict since 2016 over 1 million in The New Britain Superior Court and still the judges tell us that New Britain juries do not provide fair verdicts. We will keep doing our part to prove the judges wrong.

The jury system is the last stand against corporate domination and control! We the people have the right to the pursuit of happiness and the inviolate right to a trial by a jury of our peers!