Zen Lawyer Workshop


Attorney Sam Martin, Attorney Monique Foley and Attorney Kevin Ferry attended a 4-day workshop at the Buddhist Temple of Toledo. We attended daily 6 a.m. meditation and workshops on sharpening trial skills and centering and calming clients and ourselves. The three teachers were one of America’s very best Truck Accident Lawyers, Michael Leizerman; the Temple Abbot, Jay Rinseh Weik Roshi; and author and creative dramatic arts consultant, Joshua Karton.

Trial lawyers deepen compassion for all humans

This was an experience like no other we have attended for honoring our skills as trial lawyers. The focus of the workshop was compassion for all humans and relieving suffering by bringing maximum justice for our clients. It was a life affirming and career affirming experience for all three of us. Lawyers who take the time to do the practice required to remain calm, centered, and compassionate for all are obtaining the best outcomes for injury victims and by doing so are raising the boat for all. We are lighting the way for more complete justice for our clients and Ferry Law is committed to this path for the benefit on all beings.

May all be happy
May all be safe
May all find peace
May all have enough food to eat
May all know the love that lives inside of us